January 18, 2014

And not say a word in response
‘You are an intimidating girl for those who look upon you from a distance, - there is a sense that you are not of this world, yet are somehow closer to the essence of things than most of the people around you, and most people don’t know what to think or feel about that. You’re sort of strange, - a little awkward, very quiet, - but sincere. I remember there was one day you lifted your eyes to mine and in that moment I saw the warmth that is at the heart of who you are. You’re funny and intelligent, playful and serious. You suffer so keenly. You’re not afraid of the truth, of the sadnesses of this world, and that is a gift, a strength that I believe protects rather than destroys you. Not many boys will persist in discovering who you are because you keep your distance so well. I feel like you know that all it takes is that one person, and that you don’t have to compromise on who you are to find him. You seem so comfortable, so at ease with yourself. That’s why I thought you were already with someone when we first met. Imagine my surprise at discovering you weren’t. That presence, that self-assurance, that peace, - you have it all on your own, without anyone else. I don’t know how to explain how anyone can be so open and forthcoming and yet so mysterious at the same time. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I thought myself in love with you, but you knew that it wasn’t real, or true, at least not in the way that you have always been holding out for. And had you been any less secure in your solitude and your sense of self, you would have let me believe I was in fact in love, but you weren’t, and you didn’t. I love and respect you for it. If there’s one thing I know it’s that you need to give your heart, - when you finally do and I really hope you will, - to someone real. Someone who is enough of himself to be nothing but himself with you. Someone who will protect you and let you be all that you are. Someone true.’

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